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Colton was born and raised in Ohio, where he developed a love for animals and their care from his volunteer work at his local Marion Area Humane Society, as well as through the teachings of both Jack Hanna, former director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, and “The Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin. When Colton graduated high school in 2014, he moved to Gainesville, Florida, in order to attend the University of Florida and pursue his passion for wildlife conservation. He has worked at 4 different animal care facilities, including the Jacksonville Humane Society, and acquired nearly 5 years of animal care, research, and education experience through his work. Colton is now working for us as a veterinary technician, so he can gain experience in the field and, potentially, attend veterinary school in the future. In his free time, Colton does a lot of outdoor activities, such as hiking, kayaking, and camping. He is, also, an avid reader and the owner of a White Shepherd named Khaleesi, who loves to be outdoors with him. 




Lexi is originally from Necton, England. However, as she is apart of an Air Force Family, Lexi has lived everywhere. She started volunteering at the age of 14 and has worked in the veterinary medicine field ever since; including working with marine mammals, exotics including big cats, monkeys, and bears, wildlife, and several rescue organizations. Lexi’s favorite part of her job is getting to meet all our furry patients and seeing their personalities. She says, “Each animal is an individual and I’m so happy to work at a place that sees that and provides for them.”


Lexi is a keeper of a two-legged person, her husband, Ian. Along with one dog, Arrow, and a bearded dragon, Donna. She volunteers regularly at Jacksonville Humane Society and helps with their dog playgroups as well as fostering kittens. She also has a second job teaching swim lessons! Lexi loves to read and go to the beach, the best day is when she gets to read at the beach. She is a big nerd and loves Disney, Star Wars, LOTR, MCU, DC, and so much more.




Darlene has been a part of Intracoastal West since it opened in June of 2016.  She grew up in New Jersey and moved to Florida 15 years ago with her husband Mick and son Matthew. She has always loved all animals and knew from a young age that she wanted to care for them. Her journey started in 1990 at a small private hospital in New Jersey where she discovered veterinary medicine was truly her passion. She moved on to Banfield Pet Hospital in 2002 where she worked as a technician and lead technician until 2015.


Darlene has a 9-year-old Chihuahua mix named Bebe, and 10 cats, Kookie Mookie, Boobiekitty, Spookitty Boo, Left Twix, Right Twix, Cookie, Salvador, Peep, and 2 outdoor kitties. She also takes care of a small feral cat colony in her neighborhood. When she is not working she loves to treasure hunt on the beach, make jewelry, read and spend time with her family and friends.

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