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Pet Health Screening Tests
in Jacksonville, FL

Preventative care includes yearly blood work even when your pet appears healthy. This provides a valuable base line of what your pet’s normal organ function looks like. When animals show us that they feel sick, their diseases are often in a more advanced stage. Routine lab work allows us to find many of these diseases in earlier stages which makes treatment and/or management more effective.

When Will A Veterinarian Recommend a Comprehensive Screening Panel?


The following situations can result in blood work being suggested:

  • On the first veterinary visit: We recommend kittens and puppies complete blood tests to rule out congenital diseases, for baseline information, and for pre-anesthetic testing prior to spaying or neutering.

  • During semi-annual wellness exams: This is recommended as part of a thorough physical examination because cat or dog's blood work, along with other bodily fluids like urine, can help identify conditions that the examination portion of a physical cannot.

  • If an animal seems not quite right: blood tests are suitable for an animal that is not displaying any overt signs of illness, disease, or injury but is acting abnormally.

  • Pre-surgical tests: Cat or dog blood work is used to determine the efficiency of the liver and kidneys, which helps a veterinarian select the safest dose of anesthesia. Tests can also help determine the surgical risk level in infirm, elderly, or injured dogs.

  • Prior to starting a new medication: This is particularly useful for new medications that may be metabolized by the liver or kidney.

  • During senior wellness exams: Blood tests are usually recommended for mature, senior, and geriatric animals as part of their periodic wellness exams. They are extremely beneficial, as we often see seniors return to a more youthful state when blood tests identify an issue that can be easily treated.

It should be expected that diagnostic testing will be performed during every routine wellness visit. If you have any questions, give us a call at (904)436-PETS

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